6 Things Kids Must Remember When Blogging

6 Things Kids Must Remember When Blogging

Want to get started blogging? What is blogging? A blog is like an online journal. You can update it as often as you like. Readers can leave comments and the blogger can respond to them. Blogging is a great way to express yourself and improve your writing skills.

Kids, here are 6 things for getting started with a blog.

1) Make sure to ask your parents before you set up a blog. If you explain to them why you want to write online in an upfront way, they will be more likely to go along with you. You may be interested in blogging to improve your writing skills or to see how others react to your point of view.

2) Stay away from blog sites that require your full name or email address. This can be a way for unwanted strangers to find you. Definitely use a name that could be either a boy or a girl for safety reasons. Don’t use a site that asks for any type of personal information.

3) Be certain you write about appropriate subject matter. Remember, anyone in the world can read your blog. Could your grandmother read what you are writing about? Be positive when you respond to your reader comments and also when you comment on other blogs. Once you start writing your own blog, you will become a fan of some other bloggers who give you comments. Bloggers form their own online community!

4) Blog writing can be a way to strengthen your writing skills for school and life after school. So much of writing now is texting and chatting online; these are quick bursts about what we are currently thinking. Blogging calls for reflection and a slower writing process. Read your written word aloud – go back and make it better, smoother.

5) Your blog can be based on a specific interest, such as sports or music. It can also just be your reactions to daily life or news events. Think about what you want to say, and there will be someone in the world who wants to read it. If you want readers, tell friends who may be interested in your blog to pay a visit.

6) Ask your language arts teacher or your parent if you need help finding a safe site for blogging. Unfortunately, sometimes students get unwelcome followers on their blogs. Safety should be your first concern, followed by creativity, when starting a blog.