Nanhe Kadam

Day Care in Sector 46 Gurgaon

We highly believe that knowledge alone cannot make a child genius, but a perfect combination of knowledge, interpersonal skills and creativity can. We are focused to cater the uniqueness of every child with this combination and help them grow as intellectually rich adults. We aim to impart knowledge through well researched & practically rich learning techniques that ensure not only learning but long-time retention of facts and knowledge.


NanheKadam is a child of necessity to fill the void between the education system and overall development of a child. We aim to make an ecosystem where a child is exposed to a preliminary education system that helps him/ her develop with the ultimate sense of security, happiness, health, and knowledge.

We simultaneously aim to offer the parents a reliable & advanced day care center in Gurgaon, where they can drop their kids without any fear but with guaranteed peace of mind for the security, development, and health of their beloved ward.


Being a learning-based pre-nursery school in Gurgaon our primary focus is to help the child develop strong intellectual and interpersonal base in their formative years.

Blending theory of Multiple Intelligence, Inquiry-Based Learning & Experiential Learning approach in right proportions, we have made the right education system that let the little munchkins flourish in the formative and most developmental years of their life.

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