Nanhe Kadam

Kidzee Play School Gurgaon

At NanheKadam kidzee play school Gurgaon, we are focused on imparting knowledge &learning by utilizing innovative and fun-filled techniques. Our teaching methodology is an amalgam of “Playing, Learning & Growing”. With great emphasis on learning & development our pre-nursery schools in Gurgaon work towards developing a responsive, intellectually engaging & entertaining environment for the kids.

We evolve our system with every new innovation in the field of child care and formative education and thus ensure that the child remains abreast of the latest trends and education reforms. Giving high priority to 360-degree orientation, NahneKadam has always been a place of holistic learning and intellectual development for children. We intend to cultivate the culture of responsive learning wherein learning is not a necessity but a happy choice for the child. To ensure that what we envisage is brought to efficiently to life, we appoint trained teachers and child care specialists at our daycare centers in Gurgaon. Also, we consult with an expert of curriculum & child psychology, time to time, to ensure that we are progressing on the most beneficial path for the children.

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